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Codec is a portmanteau of "coder/decoder", which describes a device or program capable of performing transformations on a data stream or signal. Codecs can both put the stream or signal into an encoded form (often for transmission, storage or encryption) and retrieve, or decode that form for viewing or manipulation in a format more appropriate for these operations.

The codec is not to be confused with the video file format (or container) used to store the a/v information encoded by the codec. File formats like ".ogg", ".mpg", ".avi", ".mov", etc. could be used to store information encoded by different codecs (eg. avi can contain DivX and XviD also).

Here you can find video codecs which are necessary for working with our products:







DivXNetworks DivX codec



DivXNetworks Standard (free) DivX 5.1 codec



Microsoft ISO MPEG4 v1.1 codec



Microsoft WMV3 codec for Windows XP
WMV3 codec for Windows 2000



XviD XviD Media codec



Apple Quick Time Player



Free-Codec K-Lite codec






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