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Frequently Asked Questions


Please take a few moments to browse our FAQs as many of your queries can be answered within this area. Check back from time to time as our FAQs are updated regularly.


General Questions

    How do I receive my product?
    How can I buy CONVEXSOFT software?
    When will I receive my Registration Code information after purchasing?
    How do I tell if my copy of program has been registered?
    Does your program conflict with other products installed on my computer?

Registration Questions

    What limitations do the non-registered programs have?
    I would like to upgrade my personal computer (change video adapter, sound card, etc). Will the old license for CONVEXSOFT software still work with a newer computer configuration?
    Can I obtain an invoice for my purchase?

License Retrieval Questions

    I've lost my Registration Code. What do I do?
    My personal computer crashed and I had to reformat my computer hard disk drive. May I use the old license as I do not want to buy a new one?

Support System Questions

    Is support provided free of charge?
    I would like to send you a screenshot I made. How can I do that?
    I'm a registered user of your software but I no longer use the e-mail I specified when buying the product. Can I ask my questions using a different e-mail address?
    The Registration Code you have given me says that it is invalid. What is the problem?
    What is the refund policy?

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If your query cannot be answered within FAQs page, please contact us at the following e-mail address:   support@convexsoft.com , We will endeavor to address all queries within 24 hours, however, please be aware it may take longer during Public Holidays or at times of increased customer enquiries.


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